Farm Updates: December 2020

As of today, the MushRoom is nearly ready to go. I have went through the process of getting our LLC registration, and we are excited to get some mushrooms growing out there. Taking on this project has been more taxing than we originally planned for it to be, but probably would have gone faster if we didn’t also both have full time jobs and a toddler. We have a couple of last minute kinks to work out, and then we will work on our test run. We have learned a lot in this process, and what we would do differently in the future when getting our second MushRoom up and running. Overall, we are very happy with how things have turned out.

In this process, we have tried to do every piece of it ourselves. It was both exciting and overwhelming starting with a blank canvas and working to what we have now.

May 2020, upon delivery of shipping container to our house.
Electrical wiring installed, countertops built: October 2020
Putting together the box for our filter and flow hood: October 2020
Installing the insulation for the grow room
Insulation complete and support beams installed in grow room.
Our DIY sterilizer

Hopefully this weekend we will be doing our test run, and from there we should be on the ground. We are so thankful for the help and support we have had during this journey of getting things started. We could not have done this without help and support.

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